Cost for a 30-minute reading is $50
Cost for a 60-minute reading is $95
(Beginning Oct 1st, the cost for readings will take a slight increase. ($5)
Sixty-minute session will be $100 / thirty-minute session will be $55.) 

Clairvoyant Medium & Author

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Jerry McDaniel  
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​So grateful you have chosen the path God meant for you Jerry!!!- ANITA- N.J.

Grateful for your gift... it's helped me out 3 times!!! -LEANNE- South Florida

Jerry, I feel so blessed to have reconnected with you after 20 years. You have an amazing gift. Thank you for touching my heart today. Your insight is very comforting. NAHIR- Orlando

So true Some people appear in your life when you need most. You are one of them My Earth Angel Thanks Jerry McDaniel blessing- BLANCA- Orlando

I had the most amazing reading with Jerry. If you ever had doubts about having a reading you don't have to with Jerry. He is so connected with the Universe. The clarity was so healing. I am so blessed to have found him. I thank the Universe for giving him his amazing gift. D.M.- South Florida


I had a reading today, and boy am I glad I did! Jerry's gift in receiving messages from the spirit enabled me to work through the recent passing of my father. I am now at peace. Thank you, Jerry! DANA- Texas


I feel completely re-energized after a reading with Jerry. He has such a positive energy. The information he provided was vividly accurate and encouraging. I can't even describe how badly I didn't want the call to end. I highly recommend readings with Jerry.-  C.W.S.- Nashville


I had such an amazing experience and found much peace and healing. Thank you! - W.W.M.- Arizona

C.S.- Nashville- Wow! Jerry is amazing!! I let him do all the talking and he kept hitting the nail on the head! He gave me two predictions right away about my deepest desires which I didn't and don't talk about. I was freaked out going into the call but was so completely relaxed after, what a blessing! I really appreciated his prayers too.


T.G.- Tampa- Thank you so much for the awesome reading this morning. Lots to think about. ♥


E.S.- Tennessee- Thanks Jerry for the reading today. Incredible experience and very insightful. Look forward to connecting again! As always, great to see you.


A.G.- New Jersey-  You are an amazing, inspirational human being with extraordinary insights into the human psyche, and more than this, you have the gift of reading a person's soul! Thank you again.


W.M.- Arizona- I had such an amazing experience and found much peace and healing. Thank you!


K.M.- Los Angeles- I'm a natural skeptic so you can imagine how closed off I may have been going in my reading with Jerry. Within 5 minutes I was in complete disbelief and amazement. Those that Jerry connected with (there were many!) shared validations and messages that NOBODY would have known. The reading brought comfort and inspiration to me and my family. I appreciated Jerry's balance of trust, humor and boundaries. He never asked questions about the messages, he simply shared them in a very compassionate manner.

R.R- Nashville- Thank you for the amazing reading! I am so happy I got to reconnect with a few loved ones and get some much needed motivation from my spirit guide. Thanks Jerry



I had a reading this morning and am over two hours later still recovering emotionally...In a good way! I can't say I was a skeptic as the readings that my friends received prior to mine were so spot on I still had no idea what to expect...if I did have any expectations they were remarkably exceeded....thank you Jerry for answering so many unknowns for me and the encouragement I now carry with me, I can't wait to reconnect after the first of the year! God bless you. JOY- Arizona


Jerry takes a very caring and gentle approach to his reading and skill. He is willing to take the time to explain things and answer questions. I found his reading to be quite enlightening C.D.- Orlando


A wonderful experience. The only medium I have ever recommend it to anyone- L.B.- Central Florida

E.S- Tennessee- Thanks Jerry for the reading today. Incredible experience and very insightful. Look forward to connecting again! As always, great to see you.

C.M.- Southern California- Jerry thank you for the awesome reading. It was spot on and brought me clarity and comfort. You have a true gift. Keep shining on!


TERRI- Orlando-I so enjoyed my reading with you and again a sense of peace as I recall what came from it! I gave a client your name today and she is eager to see you. Have a wonderful week.


DINA- W. PALM BCH- Ur reading was insightful, full of honesty, and spiritually rewarding. I appreciate the length of time u spent U were very accurate. I look forward to reading ur book.


N.P.- Orlando- I love being one of your dentists and I appreciate you sharing your gift with us today. You definitely touched many hearts.


ALTHEA- Florida- Jerry McDaniel, was AMAZING! Just the right balance of humor (the cat peed on the backpack) and realism (the metaphysical) ~ of the Spiritual (Catholicism and a prayer to begin and end) and his REAL GIFT...... the ability to speak to your deceased loved ones!
I truly felt as though he spoke to ONLY ME throughout that talk and I had to keep bringing myself back to the meeting!
If you do ONE THING in this life ..... get with Jerry, if not for a reading, then for some of his amazing tales of his work life ~ YES, HE HAD A VERY SUCCESSFUL CAREER, and it is fascinating!
I cannot WAIT for his book to be released and already, there are pledges from those at our meeting, for the book!

ELLIE D - Florida - Jerry read for me about 2 years ago and he was pretty much spot on. He didn't even want to charge me because his guides told him he shouldn't. I used the money to buy some of his books and gifted them to friends. I never had someone read me as honest and humble as Jerry.

R.R. - Arizona
Today’s reading was amazing and I so needed that connection!  My heart has been heavy for the last few days as I approach my daughter, Tara’s, 3 year Angel Date on October 2nd!  You were right on point and I could relate to just about everything:  My father’s recent death, his illness, my taking care of him during his lengthy illness, his inability to speak at the end, not being in pain any more, telling me how proud he is of me, to not doubt his feelings for me, on and on.  But mostly about a nickname my father had for me.  I understand why it didn’t make sense to you because my dad called me “stinky”!  Lol

 And when I asked about my daughter, Tara, you nailed it with her name relating to Gone With the Wind because I named her after the house in that movie.  You also picked up on Tara’s “wild sense of humor.”  And helping me let go of my guilt was just what I needed today!   Just an awesome reading!