Clairvoyant Medium & Author

Cost for a 30-minute reading is $50
Cost for a 60-minute reading is $95

Beginning Jan 1st, 2023, the cost for a reading will take a slight increase. ($5)
Sixty-minute sessions will be $100 / thirty - minute sessions will be discontinued. 

Jerry McDaniel  
Privacy Policy

JMACMEDIUM LLC,  407-718-9903​


1)      Don’t Prejudge the Reading- No two readings are alike so if you’ve had readings in the past, try to not compare my reading with those and vice versa…you’ll get more out of the experience. 

2)      Light a Candle- If we’re doing a phone or skype reading, please light a candle as candles are a beacon to the Universe and light attracts light. 

3)      Your Path May Change- God, the Universe and Spirit will show you what you’re meant to hear and see and experience based upon the path you’re currently on but that doesn’t mean your path is going to stay the way it is…embrace the messages with the realization that no one can truly predict everything that will happen in the future because it interferes with the free will that God gives us. 

4)      Take Notes- (or record the reading) You may not recognize some people, places and things that come up in a reading and that’s because they will manifest themselves later on different paths…the Universe is a mystery and that’s a beautiful thing.

5)      I Don’t Control Who Comes Through- The loved ones who come through are the ones who are meant to come through and they may not be the ones you or I want to come through at the time, but everything has a purpose so embrace those loved ones who do come through. 

6)      I Don’t Have All the Answers- A reading isn't the's a piece of the soul puzzle that Spirit is putting together for the person that is receiving the reading to put together at different stages in life. It’s the mystery and the beauty of the Universe at the same time.

7)      It's All About Energy-  Before I begin an individual or group/gallery reading I say a prayer. I use my energy to ask God, Jesus, Mary Blessed Mother, Universe, Spirit, My Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and the loved ones who have passed,  to bring forth their energy. in order to make the reading a meaningful experience..