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It's amazing how the world seems to come together in the quiet of the evening...all is at peace at least for the most part.

If there are terrors in the world; because of the darkness; it's hard to see them and sometimes only when the negativity of the world is exposed to light; only then is it visible.

The gifts from God that we all have are also at rest but at the same time; being re-charged to use for the coming day.

Gifts of prophecy have been known to be present during the restful times for that is when our filters of the world are down and we can comfortably see, listen, hear and perhaps learn.

The next time you go to sleep; what will be your final thoughts as you drift off?

Will you ask for guidance from the Divine on what your gifts are?

Will you ask for guidance on how to use those gifts?

Will you ask for guidance on perhaps speaking to a lost loved one?

Or better yet; will you just simply ask for a good nights rest and for protection from energies that are not on the positive side?

 Whatever you ask for; just remember that the Universe hears you and will be right with you when you wake up to a new dawn.



Every time I give a reading; I tell the person or persons in front of me; that what they're
about to hear from the Universe is what they're meant to hear at this time in their life
based upon the path they're on.

So; what does that mean? it simply means that things can change and often do...we can
choose to change our path and more importantly the people, places and things that are
on our path can also change.

This is why GUS...God; Universe; Spirit will never tell someone during a reading what to
do;  because it circumvents free will.

The question is the path you're on yours? or someone else's?

Have you ever looked around and thought to in the hell did I ever get here?

Obviously through a series of decisions; both good and not so good

The answer of course is; yes...the path you're on is yours...OWN IT. 

If this isn't the path you want; then CHANGE have the power and the free will to
change the path you're on. But only you can do it.

You're meant for bigger things than you're currently doing; so embrace the weeds, stones and
trees in your path; and navigate yourself to greatness.


I've been told that it's part of my gifts of mediumship to proclaim and prove the continuity of life.
This is from a Spiritualist POV as the continuity of life is at the very center of the religion; along
with the natural laws.

Small problem with that is I'm not a Spiritualist but I have spoken in their churches for a period
of almost three years and certainly respect the POV's that they bring to the table.

I've also been told that those particular gifts along with psychic and clairvoyance abilities do not
exactly align with most protestant religions and / or Catholicism. (and of course, I'm Catholic)

I've been to see Teresa Caputo and she uses a line that I love..."The Catholic Church doesn't
exactly agree with what I do; but they've yet to return the big check that I write them every year."
Love it...mainly because she is Catholic.

So do these gifts align with any particular religion?
No...they do not because God doesn't put any borders or boundaries or conditions on our gifts
other than to use them to help people on their path and to better their lives. God doesn't assign
religions to our gifts; it's that simple.

Let's face it...virtually every religion talks about and preaches about life after 'death'. It's in every
religion's DNA.

It's really not my mission to prove anything to any one religion or any one person other than
there is something greater than us that is at work. There is a higher intelligence, (whom I freely
call God) that is at work for us, in us and through us. My calling is to show people from all walks
of life in every religion that you are not alone and that you have the wisdom of the Universe
within you.

And that now is the time to fully live out your mission and purpose in life.
Choose your own path and let the gifts lead you to people and not a particular religion.


We all do it...we go through our day to day (at times), mundane routine(s) of life and then it happens.


A seemingly random thought enters our mind, if for a brief second or two, we stop and ponder the "what if'' scenario.
What if I did something else for a living?
What if I need to ask for forgiveness from someone?  
What if I'm not doing what I'm meant to do? 

Or perhaps; not even a complete thought but fragments of what seems like a spark. 

These random thoughts come and go in our lives without us barely even noticing them.
A thought of someone or something that we haven't thought about in a long time; maybe never.
Numbers that do not seem to make sense; a song that we haven't heard in a long time.

What's going on? It's the Universe sending us thoughts, messages, songs, numbers, etc. And the Universe wants us to download the thousands of messages it's sending so we can better our lives; help others and realize our mission and purpose in life.

Numbers could indicate an anniversary; a song could indicate a hidden or not so hidden message.
A thought which would be something for us to think about and consider. It all ties together.

Spirit will never intercede with God's free will that He gave us. It's up to us to download or take notice of what is going on during the day and then act upon it.
Time to carry a notepad and pen so we can scribble down directions to the path that we have been seeking for so long.


How many times do you hear this? "you need to pick a side."
So; we go about picking a side...sometimes whether or not we even want to.
And how do we decide which side to pick?'s the side that we identify with...the side that agrees with us.
And how do we know if they agree with us?
again...that's easy...just look at their label.

 We live in a dualistic world where we make a choice from only two options.
And most of the time, depending upon the label, we choose people who are...

We see it in religion, economics, politics, everything.
We live in a dualistic world and have been for centuries. This means we choose one option between only two choices.

When it comes to God's gifts that he gives us; we also fall into certain categories whether we like it or not.
It seems at times, that this is so people can decide if our gifts are worthy or not...or even if our gifts measure up to their expectations.
Which is ridiculous.

The gifts of psychic, mediumship and clairvoyance which I possess are no better or worse than anyone else's gifts.

So; do we wage war against non-existing enemies? Wars are fought because of a difference or belief/ non-belief in ideologies...and those ideologies are totally dependent on labels.

On the other side of the veil, labels mean absolutely nothing...nothing.
Time to look at people strictly based on energy, light, vibrations and love.

So; put away the artillery; there's no one charging.